Once again, were on the verge with with many developing A- list music artist. What tends to be overlooked at times is the talent right in our cities. In Virginia most of the scene is based on an wide variety of hip-hop, trap, Country and Rock genres. When It comes to Pop and Electronic it has been growing but at an all time low, especially in places such as the Hampton Roads area. "Most kids Just want whats hot" says 17 year old Matt Robinson who attends Henrico Highschool in Henrico, VA. In this article we decided to Interview an Thriving Artist who has been on a mission for years to change the scene in Virginia and all over the country. We spoke with International/Local Artist Chris Andrews also known as “AC3-2085". In the Summer of 2016 he Released an Song Entitled On the EastSide whichwent viral all over the 7 Cities, Currently still trending In Florida and the Virginia Attraction "Virginia Beach".Currently the "EastSide" artist hints of new composition in Deep House and Electronic in 2023 and 2024 after the release of his first Bosa Nova EP "Wine and Class" in 2021 and Debut single “Vacation”



 "I tapped into the my old self creativity again,...I found my old self in a new way" AC3 says after recovery from depression and family affairs for some time.
“I’m motivated more than ever now!” Says the “Vacation”

The Experimental Pioneer Is has his own Independent label " AC3PRODUCTIONS" and has advanced his

 career among showing his support among the community, connecting with the state and local politics, and

 focusing on how he can impact for better world on a international platform.

                                    TEAM WORK
    Yes! That's right, since 2019 AC3 and Ben Harris also 
known as "Ben Logik The Dynamic duo have joined forces to  Bring something quite new and unusual to their hometown far beyond one genre. After late nights of practice and recording the dynamic started  performing at  multiple shows and local
 appearances thanks to both and founder friends with the    Collective Entitled "B.T.G.", A diverse group of students and individuals Bridging the Gap in the Hampton Roads Area who according to 13news made a impact in Norfolk and the NewportNews surrounding areas. 


   "The Biggest Challenge right now is overcoming the changes needed to innovate some of the toughest areas for music scene here in NewportNews "says AC3-2085


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